Whatever type vehicle or merchandize you need to move, and wherever you want to move it, we have a solution to suit you that will help save by hiring a direct carrier. Finding a truthful carrier to ship domestically or internationally without a middleman intervention and hidden fees is a difficult task, or shall we say, almost impossible. Here are some reasons why you have made the best decision by choosing us.


The category that fits your needs

2-Type shipping details

All necessary fills so the carrier knows exactly what you’re shipping

3-Post it

Wait, carriers are getting notified


For carriers response

5-Pay one-time fee

And get your carrier!


Your carrier will do the rest

After you have selected your category, fill the shipment with image detail so the carrier will know exactly what you are shipping.

All fills are needed so the carrier will know exactly what you’re shipping. Adding images is vital in avoiding confusion in your description. Your personal information will remain locked and will be revealed only to the carrier assigned by you.

They will respond to you by accepting your listing as is or by conter offering you with a diferent quote.

After reviewing you carrier go ahead and accept or delcine the offer. They will be notified.

All carriers are continually searching for the best paying shipment on the eCarsTogo.com list view page. Show your desire of shipment by following our quote barometer. Your waiting time will be limited as your quote offer is tending to the carriers.

No hidden charges EVER! From your carrier or from our team. Just pay your listing price, and no other charges apply! The balance for your shipment is due payable to the carrier upon delivery. If you wonder what our listing fee is, it’s $49.99 and that’s it!

Once your payment has been processed, your carrier information will appear in your accepted button in the home menu.

You’ve already assigned your shipment to a carrier- now sit back, relax and wait for the job to get done. Please take into consideration that federal regulations allow carriers to drive a max of 11 hours which must follow 10 consecutive hours of off duty (no driving)

After your job is done we encourage you to share your experience. In doing so, this will help our carriers to continue providing services to others in need of shipping.

See more by visiting us at eCarsTogo.com

Enjoy the liberty of being in full control!

No middleman, EVER! No hidden fees, no influence from anyone.


Be informed and share your experience!

Our eCarsToGo team members came up with elements that we believe will make auto shipping that much easier and hassle free. With so many features to take advantage of two free booking to enjoy, why else wouldn’t you join?! Loads ready now.